How to collaborate

Stakeholder engagement and collaboration across sectors are essential to co-create the solutions which will provide a pathway for LGEs to contribute to more environmentally sustainable, inclusive and climate-resilient economic development in the Caribbean.

Whether its collaboration to create new markets, advocate on policy issues or develop enhanced entrepreneurial support mechanisms, stakeholders must come together to listen, discuss and innovate solutions to develop the LGE sector.

Policy makers, regulatory agencies, financial institutions and business support organisations can benefit from exploring collaborative forms of engagement that focus on learning more about the special characteristics, needs and challenges faced by LGEs. For such as learning exchanges and workshops can create opportunities for shared learning and discussion on key issues.

CANARI has been unique in its approach to collaboration through the formation of action learning groups, which bring together a wide cross section of stakeholders from government agencies, civil society organisations (national, regional and international and including community‐based organisations [CBOs], non‐governmental organisations [NGOs], academic institutes), inter‐governmental technical agencies, sector specific representatives and donors from or actively working in the Caribbean.

CANARI has convened three action learning groups, each tasked with implementing agendas towards a holistic and inclusive model of support for the LGE sector. Read more on the journey below:


Photo Credit: New Fire Festival