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General Inquiries

We invite private sector and entrepreneurs, governments, civil society, academia and local communities to partner with us. We offer the opportunity to:

  1. Partner with LGEs and build a social movement in service of inclusive green and resilient economies that deliver local value and sustainable livelihoods, all around the world.
  2. Champion LGEs as an engine of disruptive innovation, invention and creative development. Most of the businesses which will drive the economies of 2040 don’t exist yet, and many of them will have started out as LGEs.
  3. Rethink systems within our sphere of direct and indirect influence that affect the functioning of LGEs, sustainable practices and business models.

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To make this resource as comprehensive and informative as possible, we are inviting stakeholders to submit their initiatives and resources which can be featured. These must be relevant to the Caribbean LGE sector i.e., relevant to the development and growth of Caribbean MSMEs which strive to meet triple bottom line returns (economic, environmental and social) and use green business models, develop green products or green their business practices.

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Support the Santa Cruz Declaration on LGEs

Sign on to the Santa Cruz Declaration on Local Green Enterprises – a call to action from manufacturers, producers, business owners, entrepreneurs, innovators, and local communities in recognition of the vital importance of smaller businesses to addressing global challenges. This was produced out of the Green Economy Coalition’s 2017 global meeting sessions held in Santa Cruz valley, Trinidad and Tobago.

Support crowdfunding for LGEs

CANARI is seeking your help to deliver more on the ground support to LGEs across the Caribbean. Please support our crowdfunding campaign to help Caribbean women entrepreneurs to scale up their nature-based businesses and improve the lives and well-being of their families and local communities while conserving biodiversity. We are asking you to…

CONTRIBUTE: give what you can to support this effort (all contributions are tax deductible in the U.S.).

COMMUNICATE: spread the word about this campaign far and wide.

CHAMPION: advocate for others to support Local Green-Blue Enterprises.


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