Enhance triple bottom line

LGEs are a key pathway to sustainable, inclusive and resilient green-blue economies since they deliver economic, social and environmental co-benefits.

CANARI has developed the Local Green-Blue Enterprise Radar to help local community MSMEs, particularly those based on the use of natural resources, assess how they are delivering ‘triple‐bottom line’ benefits (economic, environmental and social) and good governance, and what are possible areas for improvement.

This toolkit is designed to be used by small business facilitators, trainers, coaches and mentors – who may be working with government agencies, civil society or community organisations, inter-governmental technical organisations, or academic institutes – providing support to local community MSMEs. Small business experts using the toolkit may need to work in collaboration with experts on environmental management and social development to be able to explore thoroughly all aspects of triple-bottom line co-benefits.

Check out stories from LGEs which have applied the LGE Radar to their business to map where they are strong in delivering triple bottom line benefits, and some areas where they can grow.


Check out featured case studies of LGEs.

Contact us if you are an LGE interested in doing the LGE Radar or if you support LGEs and want to learn about how you can use this tool.


Photo Credit: Natalie Boodram